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0:09 - 0:20 seems like interstelar Dude... poor Jason Clarke. Emily looks great.  Amy looks fat. I got a Dunkirk feeling out of this. I like mammoth Get it giiirrrll I will never buy this i bought the first one and it had psp controls on the ps3 version...and still doesn't support both analogs.If you want a good dinosaur game just get Jurassic the hunted . Shallow Hal gal

@glitchhunter09 IIRC, we made its 70% chance to attack player, depends on distance to him, something like that I thought it was Sienna Miller; now, I don't care about this! @CJCA915 I know man, doesn't it just bring back the nostalgia? Oh the good ol days when graphics were simple and people were pleased by it. And it was easy as Hell to hack PC games, now some actually take work to get to that sexy modifier core. Though Notepad always helped cracking their little protective shells. I remember making them tower above me and having 9999 bullets in my weapons..

Tik tok Ummmm so not bringing back firefly?.... That's a LOT of work! We'll update the current games with cool new creatures and then see if it's possible to create an underwater version. Thanks for suggestion! . I really hate this woman, her shallow mind, her politics, her filthy unchecked mouth - but I have to say this movie looks really funny. I wish she wasn't so putrid inside..

talk about shitty graphics...

Looks like a good mod!!! and honestly, it looks better then reloaded!!! And listening to what happened on discord and the forums. Boy oh boy did glitch make some..... less then smart and kind ideas (that’s being nice)..

Oof should've just let matt keep the accent..

Lol mammoth... The EASIEST thing to hunt



I know it's Hollywood but she is not fat, she's a perfectly average sized woman

Какой идиот перевёл название фильма как «море соблазна»?! 🤦🏻‍♂️


Do they have this game on PS4?

Smilodon is not extremely dangerous because when I'm hunting it, it'll always go away when it sees me..

You can already play Carnivores: Ice Age on Android. The basic version is free on Google Play and the rest of content can be bought in-game. Happy hunting! .

Dont mess with the Tucci


There's only one Serenity, and she's a ship.

Interstellar 2 looks great Well when saw the poor acting in the first minute and the USA channel vibe I gave up you can tell a good movie in the first couple of minutes might be entertaining but not enough to draw me in sorry!. Seems very interesting I will watch! This is gonna be the funniest movie of 2018 for sureee! daddy tucci 🔥🔥😍

DAMNN ANNE HATHAWAY IS SO HOT WITH BLONDE HAIR 👌🏻 Part 2 Those aren't mountains terrible


Can you say Body Heat with Kathleen Turner? MATT SMITH Woahhhh 😍😍😍😍😍 @DarkraiDiety Gameplay of what? Looking at crappy graphics and crappy dinosaurs? What do you do? Stare at them? hell this game should be called Dinosaur Zoo, you can look but no touchy.. -.-. Serenity is already a movie, based on the Firefly series. Stop naming new movies the same as existing movies.





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